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Festive Cookies

Walnut Cookies
50pcs - RM18

Tart Bunga
50pcs - RM20

Crystal Ball
50pcs - RM17

Pineapple Tart
50pcs - RM22

Chocolate Ball
50pcs - RM18

50pcs - RM20

Gift Basket


Hand Bouquets

Red Passion

Graduation Bear

Pure Love
Lovely bouquet of red and white roses
and ferrero rocher chocolates.

Birthday Gifts

Birthday Party Pack

RM8 each pack
Celebrate your kid's birthday with our Party Pack Gift to make your kid's party a fabulous event. As requested by customer, inside the party pack include BEN10 pencil case and stationery set.

Full of Love - Cutie Teddy & Decorated Gift Box

Order from SME Bank Staff

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Guests Souvenir

Convocation Day - Merlimau Polytechnic